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  Northern Cheyenne Blackfeet
  The St. Labre Indian School has raised millions of dollars to help Indian children at the mission school. Now the tribe has sued for a share of the money, claiming exploitation.  
  The Indian Health Service is woefully underfunded. Reservation residents are paying with their lives.  
Fort Peck Flathead Rocky Boy's Crow Ft. Belknap
Should Indians have to pay a fee to get work on the Fort Peck Reservation? A program designed to give Indians preference for jobs may instead be leaving them behind.
  Shayna Parker is among the dozens of Indian students who have transferred from the Ronan school system. Are Ronan schools meeting Indian students’ needs?  
  Havre residents say they’re not racist. Indians from the nearby Rocky Boy’s Reservation say their experiences prove otherwise.  
  With each generation Crow language fluency is declining. Can education keep a new generation interested in passing on an ancient tongue?  
  Dolores Plumage is Blaine County’s first woman and first Indian commissioner. Getting there was hard, but being there is proving just as challenging.  

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